Caring for the heart & soul of your family.

At Skycrest Animal Clinic, we know that you share a strong bond with your pet, and you would do anything to keep them healthy and happy. The moment you walk into our animal hospital you can expect a warm welcome, full-service care for your pet, and focused treatment that recognizes their unique needs. Your needs are also a priority, and we take as much time as is necessary to help you fully understand your pet’s health care plan.

Your Pet's Lifetime Veterinarian
in Long Grove, IL

Meet Team Skycrest

In addition to serving Long Grove and the surrounding areas for decades, we also have staff members who have spent many years with us. It’s thanks to our incredible veterinary team that we are able to create an environment where our visitors feel at home and can expect to see familiar faces each time they stop in. Even better, your pet will feel more comfortable among people who know them well and understand their needs.

We're Cat Friendly

We love dogs and cats alike, but cats generally see their veterinarian far less often than dogs do. Therefore, we’ve done our homework and trained to become a Cat Friendly Practice. This means we implement a variety of protocols to make our animal hospital a friendly place that helps cats feel more secure and at-ease during their visits.